Travel Tips-in Association with View Hotels

This week we’re giving you some basic tips to help when travelling abroad.

–       When travelling to a different time zone, change your watch as you get on the plane to the time of your destination. Start getting your body into a new routine in line with the new time zone. This will help you to work out when you should try and sleep on your flight. It will also help you plan your meals.

–       Always wear compression socks when travelling.

–       Take some extra Vitamin C when you are about to travel. It’s easy to pick up illnesses on a flight, so up your Vitamin C to aid in fighting that.

–       Stay hydrated when you fly. Perhaps use an electrolyte tab like Maxifuel Electro Tabs.

–       Take some extra fruit and veg onto your flight, as often flying can ‘clog’ you up!

–       Make sure you get up and walk around the plane to avoid becoming stiff.

–       Ear-plugs and an eye mask are two great accessories to have when you’re travelling. You can use them on the plane or at your new destination. Your accommodation may be in a noisy area,(or your room mate may snore!) so ear plugs will be a saviour.

–       Try and fight jet lag. The quicker you try and get into a normal sleeping routine, the quicker your body will adjust.

–       If you can, pack some essentials in your hand luggage. Things like your race suit, trainers and cycle shoes. Just in case your baggage is delayed! It’s best to have the things that are unique to you, such as your race suit, as often you can find/borrow the other equipment!

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