Recovery Tips in Association with View Hotels

This week we are looking at Recovery tips so you can train harder , recover quicker and get better results! 

–       Always make sure you refuel as soon as possible after your training session. It’s vital to help the body recover and will help prepare your body for your next training session. Try Maxifuel’s ‘Recovery System – Protrient’. It helps aid muscle repair and recovery. Go to their website to see all their fantastic products

–       Try and get a sports massage at least once a week. A sports massage will help keep your muscles and joints loose, helping to prevent injury. Even if you feel like you don’t need one, it’s still important for injury prevention.

–       Stretch! Stretching is essential to help your muscles recover. If you don’t stretch your muscles will tighten up and this is when injury occurs. You can also use a foam roller, which gives a massaging affect.

–       Try pilates or yoga as another form of recovery. Both yoga and pilates are active stretching. It will help keep the body loose.  Both these activities also help you relax the mind as well as the body, which is also important.

–       Many athletes use ice baths to help their recovery. Ice baths helps to keep the blood flowing around the muscles post exercise. Reducing stiffness and soreness. A top tip is to hot and cold baths. You do 1minute in the ice and then 1minute in the warm bath.

–       Wear compression tights to help aid recovery. Some athletes choose to sleep in their compression over night.

–       To recover in between sessions, make sure you try and stay off your feet as much as possible. Sit down as much as you can, whether that be at work or at home.

–       Make sure you give yourself a rest day in the week. This is essential for recovery.  If you train hard for 6 days, your body will really welcome the day of rest. This will help prevent fatigue and also gives a chance for your body/mind to relax.