Stu Hayes surprises with a 3rd Place at Hy-vee Triathlon!

Stu Hayes was a surprise 3rd place finisher to us today at the Hy-vee triathlon, we know he has the talent to win these types of races its just that everything was against him this time around.

Stu has suffered with an on and off knee problem this year which has flared up during big phases of training, he also had a tooth problem coming into this race, Stu not one with luck with teeth had to have emergency root canal dental work only days before the race, this became infected. Stu decided to race and pushed himself to the limit yesterday, finishing in a cracking 3rd place behind Greg Bennett and Hunter Kemper of the USA in a very exciting race. Stuart surprised himself and was delighted to be able to hang in there and dig deep for what I would say is the best performance for him this year. Stu said ” I was a desperate man out there today and just kept telling myself I need to hang onto these guys, I really needed this result to save my season. I am in pieces today and have an infection in my tooth but it was worth the pain”.