Happy New Year Everyone!

As we say goodbye to another year without a doubt 2012 has been one of those unpredicible yet somewhat busy years.  There has been a lot going on in my life personally and for those around me.

First of all my year started off getting married to my long time love Stu, then I was fortunate enough to have supported him at his first Olympic Games in London,

I think that’s what is so exciting about each year is you just never know what is ahead for you. What I do believe though is you carve your own path in life and you create your own luck to a certain degree, the harder you work the more likely you are to succeed. We all have our dreams and goals and things that inspire us and it’s those key things that get us out of bed in the morning and drive us towards our goals.

Happy New Yeay

So for the first day of 2013 what are the first thoughts running through my head. I think it’s always important to break down your goals into steps that lead you towards your destination. For example if you are looking to lose weight, you should be looking at a realistic healthy weight you can get to and maintain. It might be about changing your diet, lifestyle, or just doing more exercise. You can’t just lose weight by talking about it right, you have to do something about it first.

Here are my top 7 KEY words that might help you towards your personal goal in 2013.

1. Goals

2. Belief

3. Change

4. Commitment

5. Road Blocks/Hurdles

 6. Persistence

 7. Success

I have a fantastic team of athletes that I work with and under the TDC brand that I know are all working hard towards something special this year. Keep chipping away team, and for whatever reason don’t give up even when things are not going your way.

I also have my own goals as a coach, which I am really excited about. 13 is one of my favourite numbers along with number 7 so I am hoping it comes through shining in 2013. I hear that 2013 is the year of water snake in Chinese astrology, but that might not mean much to those who aren’t into astrology and birth signs. I’m certainly going to take this year in my stride though and work closely with a few, but more importantly look to stay healthy and stop to smell the roses along the way.

Happy New year to everyone from Australia, I hope 2013 brings you health, happiness, achievement, love and that all your dreams come true!