Patrick Hardy

I first met Michelle at pilates on the Gold Coast a number of years ago during one of her summer returns to Australia. At that time I was a social runner [with recurring injuries] competing in half and full marathons around Asia and Australia. I decided to move the following year onto the three disciplines of triathlon.

After a year of the Triathalon Gatorade Series on the Coast, Noosa and a few other events, I asked about opportunities for Age Groups at the Worlds in 2009 and decided to give it a go. Last April, Michelle teamed with Teresa who has been coaching me for the last three years here in Australia. [Jason , her husband and Teresa are the only husband/wife team competing in this year’s Worlds]

The results have been great, P.Bs in all disciplines (38 seconds off a 1k run, 3 minutes off 1km swim and 4km per hour faster on a 2 and half hour bike ride) and as importantly I feel both mentally and physically stronger. Indeed the injuries that I had learnt to accept and manage are now no longer on the radar !!!

The programmes are set each week, and updates between Teresa and Michelle at the end of the week. Michelle’s greatest impact has to been in both understanding my capabilities [and numerous deficiencies !!!] but also the guidance to be able to take me to another level. Always so positive, upbeat and supportive, Michelle has and continues to be an integral part of my growth albeit we live on other sides of the world.
This week on my 52nd birthday, I was offered a place in the Age Group World Triathlon Championships on the Gold Coast in September !!!.
There can be no better endorsement for a coach and trainer and given her own past with successes at the highest level, it is a very humbling experience. And all within 14 weeks…

Michelle constantly exudes that everything is possible in life and mentors that belief all the time. It has been a very enriching experience for me personally and I look forward to kicking more goals in the months and years ahead.