Craig Sharman

You’ll be made to drink ‘orrible green glup, lost on long runs, get bigger shoulders from all the swimming, turn your house into a homage to triathlon, have legs that permanently feel like they weigh twice their normal weight. Cycle, cycle and cycle a bit more. But, and it’s a big one, being coached by Michelle had changed me dramatically and focused my training towards my specific 70.3 goals more than I could imagine.

Every week I get a bespoke programme tailored around my racing schedule, goals, personal restraints due to time, existing injury and every other aspect of my life.

With Michelle and Team Dillon I know I made a great choice of coach and will achieve the success I want. If you want to really achieve your goals and perform to your best don’t scrimp using generic cheap coaching options…. Invest in yourself, it’s worth every penny and I can’t recommend Team Dillon enough.