Ruth Pogonowski

I remember my first triathlon vividly 2 years ago, it was at my gym, 20 lengths of the pool, 8 miles on the stationary bike and a 2 mile run round the carpark – it took me nearly an hour and I came dead last but I was hooked! Unfortunately becoming a barrister got in the way of training and I took the sport back up again in February this year. I joined a local club and competed in some races but quickly fell into the trap of over training and over working meaning I was constantly run down. I contacted Michelle because I had read about how she had coached herself to the top and thought if anyone could make a difference to my training she could.

And what a difference … within 3 weeks I’d knocked 5 minutes off my sprint time and recently came second in my first open water tri with another PB time. The training is hardcore, I can often be found hanging off the back of a treadmill the colour of a beetroot, or semi drowning in the pool with my legs tied together, but I absolutely love it, not least because I’m getting double the results in half the time I used to train.

I’m also a complete Megaburn convert and despite being a very sceptical lawyer I am sure it is the reason I haven’t had a cold or illness since I started using it. The thing I like most about Michelle is there’s no ego despite her amazing achievements. She’s one of the most friendly, accessible and positive people I have ever met and she treats every one of her athletes the same regardless of their level. I trust her advice 100% and I know I’m well on my way to my age group goals! Oh and she’s given me better shoulder muscles than my fiancée – enough said!!