Team Dillon announces Partnership with GSK HPL

Team Dillon announce new partnership with the GSK Human Performance Lab


Team Dillon have signed an exciting new partnership with the GSK Human Performance Lab, a world class science facility focused on applied and discovery research, combining GSK science expertise, external advisors and cutting edge technology to deepen understanding of human performance.

Working in partnership with people and organisations committed to elite performance, the GSK Human Performance Lab aims to better understand how the body and brain function. This in turn can be used to develop improved training, recovery, nutrition and competition programmes for its partners, enabling them to break through the limits of human performance.

Team Dillon will be working with the GSK Human Performance Lab to better understand the individual performance of their athletes and consequently how to build individualised training programmes that will optimise their performance.

In 2014, research with Team Dillon athletes will focus on a number of areas with a specific focus on maximising strength and power output as well as maximising aerobic efficiency.

“Working with the GSK Human Performance Lab allows us to really understand the key drivers behind exceptional performance and to find out which strategies work best for which athletes. By better understanding the science behind performance, we can ensure that our athletes reach their maximum potential when they compete during 2014 and beyond” said Michelle Dillon, former Olympic Athlete and Founder of Team Dillon Coaching.  


Mark Langley, General Manager of the GSK Human Performance Lab, added: “It’s great to be working with Team Dillon.  Our aim is to give them a greater understanding of what can drive and improve performance. All our partners benefit from the in-depth knowledge and understanding our scientists have in human performance, combined with the cutting edge technology and equipment we have at the facility.”

For more information about the GSK Human Performance Lab visit their website.