Take some inspiration from TDC athlete Chris McCarthy!

Chris McCarthy inspired many people over the weekend when he completed 106 miles in 24 hours by foot! 
Chris said “What an unforgettable experience I had this weekend, The stats: in 24 hours I covered 171km or 106 miles”.
Jogging to 100 miles
That is 428 laps of Tooting Bec Race Track and over four marathons back to back. He finished 12th overall out of 45 and 10th male.
One marathon down
It was tough mentally for Chris and he said you visit some dark places mentally during the race and have to dig very deep, especially once my left leg completely shut down about 4-5am.  However Chris got to that finish line eventually and we are so proud of this achievement.
Chris also mentioned that the camaraderie amongst the runners was wonderful, the organisers did a terrific job and he had an absolutely brilliant support team who looked after him and pushed him on right to the finish line.
Four marathons down
Chris wanted to thank his coach Hollie Avil who has done a terrific job in coaching him this past year and he said he was so grateful for her patience, experience, and tireless support.
So far Chris has raised £1300 for Level Water and was hoping to get to £2,000:, there is still time to donate, just click on the link.
Well done Chris, amazing and inspirational story.