Inspired to race again & Inspire others!

So I thought im going to write a blog, now who gets time to write blogs these days? Well its definitely not me because I have not written a blog since I can remember. However this is kind of a special occasion because I am training for a race, yes a race, a Duathlon, something I hadn’t really thought about for a long time. I mean I have done the odd 5km park run, a maybe a cheeky 10km on NYE over the years but that is about it. In fact I hadn’t ridden my bike consistently for years, make that 6 years since I was doing a bit of road racing, I did retire from Triathlon 9 years ago after the dreaded double fusion back surgery. But I seem to be up and running and training for the National Elite Duathlon Champs at Windsor in less than 2 weeks time, held on April 3rd! (Pictured below me after back surgery 2008 & my pins!)

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So why race? Well I think we all need goals, and instead of going out and just running everyday to keep fit, I decided that whilst I was in Spain coaching I would do a few bike rides with Stu and Emma and I started to really enjoy it. That lead me to start doing the hard hilly bike sessions every Saturday with them and I was doing well. So I enjoyed going back to hurt myself each week on that particular session and the fitness was getting better. Trust me its not easy keeping up with these two but I do try, and came off each session smiling so I must of enjoyed it! 🙂 I also want to inspire others that may have had back problems, fusion of the spine or something similar. (Below me pictured on my way to winning National Duathlon 2005)


As the weeks ticked by I found myself wanting to ride more and before you knew it I was riding 3 times per week from 3-4hours each time, its a lot more than I have done in a long time. My week consists of 2 long rides average 3 hours and one hard bike session, a few steady runs up to 1hour each time and then I thought I had better start doing something a bit harder on the run. So this is where the park runs come into it, this is where I get my threshold run in for the week. I cant really do speed work because I just get injured, my back is fragile so I have to be very careful and selective on the sessions I do, the riding really helps my run and I feel much stronger for doing them. 12512357_10156615080205296_1162000924704597237_n-2

Recently I have mixed it up a bit as we get closer to the race putting in some shorter harder intervals on the bike and then trying to run off it. Thankfully I managed 4 runs off the bike so far and feeling ok, so fingers crossed I will be ok to speedy 2.5km last run in less then 2 weeks time. I am sure there will be a red hot pace being set by the fast girls. After all the World Champ Emma Pallant is racing! What an honour to be racing Em, someone who I see everyday, have coached for 3 years and have seen her go from strength to strength and become World Duathlon Champ 🙂 I won the World Champs 10 years before her, and for both of us to be lining up together will be something that Im sure doesn’t happen very often and may go down in the history books. Emma 26 yrs old Current World Champion lines up next to her coach 42 yrs old former World Champion a decade ago. Im very excited, I really don’t know what to expect, maybe just to finish in the top half of the field would be great. I hope I can do myself and Emma Proud, I know for sure I will give it everything, I just hope the old girl and back holds up ok, and between now and then I don’t get any major problems to stop me in my tracks. I will do another update after the race. Wishing everyone a great preparation if you are racing, see you out on the course!

(Below me pictured winning World Duathlon 2005)