Coaches Corner!

Proud of my Team!

Its one of those moments when you know you need to write a blog because you are so proud of your team and their progression you just need to tell the world.


We are right in the heart of the season now and most of our athletes are  preparing for some of their biggest races of the season, one which happens to be in London this year. The World Triathlon championships, this year TDC have a massive turn out for both the Triathlon and Aquathlon and we cant wait to support and cheer everyone on to a fantastic finish.


There is up’s and down’s in every sport and Im sure we have all been in both situations before once or twice.

If you put your head down and work hard even when there is a black hole that you cant see light at the end of the tunnel you will be surprised on what will happen. That light will all of a sudden have a small peak of light shining through and slowly starts to get bigger and brighter, it might take more time than you originally thought but you will get there if you are determined enough.


Which brings me to my two Elite athletes Stuart Hayes and Emma Pallant, both have worked really hard this past year and are at different stages of their own careers but both have had some fantastic results this season and we are only half way through.

Stuart has come back from some very dark days of injury in the past two years to finally become injury free and be able to run properly again, and although he is still not at his maximum training load on the run we can see big improvements and signs of the old Stu coming back. I cant tell you how happy that makes us feel, for anyone who has had frustrating or prolonged injury would know what I am talking about, being held back, not showing your true potential, I was there myself when I was racing and it was tough. However finally being able to turn a corner and stride out so to speak is great. A lot of it is down to strength work in the Gym and perfected running technique. Looking forward to the rest of the season for Stu, with still a few more races to go.


Emma is in her first year of racing Triathlon’s and when I took on Emma it was taking on someone who needed to learn from scratch, had previously swam a bit before, was carrying injuries, was a typical runner say no more. Lol

Thankfully I had been there myself and know what is required to help Emma, putting all the pieces together for all three disciplines is always hard to start with and even if you are a great runner it has to take a back seat temporarily while the other two disciplines need working on.

It’s also really enjoyable for me because although its challenging its also very rewarding when you achieve a goal and see progression being made.  I am absolutely chuffed to bits for Emma after her consistent year and being crowned British Super series champion. We have an exciting journey to look forward to in the future. Keep watching for this name!


Fingers crossed that everything continues to go well for everyone. Keep up the great work and I hope all the hard work pays off for everyone this year. Good Luck! 🙂