Zoe Wood

Zoe has been with Team Dillon as an athlete under the wing of her World Class coach Michelle Dillon since 2008. she has worked closely with top nutritionist and strength and conditioning coaches and is now creating her own coaching strategy to give back to helping her own athletes and is getting fantastic results.

As a triathlete herself she understands the specific needs of each individual is different therefore will provide a highly Team Dillon personalised programme that caters for the athlete’s strengths and weaknesses.  Zoe loves to motivate her athletes and take them to the next level.

Zoe is a BTF level 1 and Team Dillon certified coach, who has had much success over the years coaching all distances from sprint to Ironman. She has also been coaching women at the sussex running club and excels in pilates at a high level.

Zoe is very passionate and has an infectious personality, who will not only take you to the next level but will always strive to get the best out of you!