Mark Butler

I started this season as a complete novice to triathlon & decided to join Team Dillon after finishing my first ever race in a time of 1hr 41. I’d put in a lot of hours in the gym but figured that just pounding the treadmill & putting in lengths in the pool probably wasn’t the best use of my time & that coaching was probably the way forward. If you’re going to do something then do it properly!

Less than 2 months later after the amazing help of Annie Emmerson I was crossing the line in my first ever Olympic race in a time of 2hr 29 which seemed like a world away before Annie started coaching me. I really have just gone from strength to strength with every week of training & my performance is on a serious upward curve having just finished the season with a sprint time of 1hr 16, a full 25 mins better than when i joined Team Dillon & that was with less than 3 months of coaching!

I’m now really excited about putting in some serious training over the winter & hitting next season hard… with Annie’s help who knows what’s possible! I’d recommend Team Dillon to anyone who has the motivation & determination to improve & an open mind about where their limits lie.