Cris Swinhoe

Craig Twigg has been coaching me since January 2010. At the time I had been training hard since the previous October for Ironman France at the end of June, working on my usual principle of if some is good more must be better!” Craig has focused and structured my training and introduced much more variety. Particularly useful has been the cycling strength work and speed sessions for my running. The volume is still high, which I am happy with.

It is great to have Craig to talk to and discuss ideas, worries and successes with. It is good occasionally to have him to curse in one’s mind when in the middle of a particularly hard session!

For myself, returning to triathlon after a 15 year break and undertaking a long course event, which previously I had considered a “bridge too far” his support has been invaluable. I think it will be particularly important over the next 8 weeks as doubts and concerns creep into my mind. I am very pleased that he will be there to structure my taper in training leading up to the 27th June 2010.

I am very happy to be part of Team Dillon.