Some TDC tips for winter Hydration!

Some practical hydration tips…

During winter training it’s easy to neglect hydration. When its cold the body craves every day electrolytes that little bit less but with the training being a lot more indoor based, hydration can be even more key to recovery at this time. It won’t always be the fittest person who wins a race, it’s often the smartest. Here are TeamDillons top five tips on how PH keeps us hydrated:

Morning Coffee
Caffeine is a great stimulant in the morning to get you ready for that first session or for work but it also dehydrates you so if you are looking to head out for a fasted morning workout on just a coffee make sure you take a drink of PH along with the caffeine hit.

After your morning workout lots of athletes love a good bowl of porridge, the old winter warmer! I add PH to my water, mix it in, then add the mix to oats and microwave it. add in a handful of cashews and blueberries and that brekie will kick start a mighty fine day!

Hydration abroad
If your going abroad to race or train or for work you can often arrive in the hotel late in the evening or be unsure of the nearest shop and the last thing you want to drink is dodgey tap water and bottled water alone won’t rehydrate you as it lacks vital electrolyte. Travel also dehydrates you but having some PH sachets and a bottle of water in your checked in luggage means when you arrive at your destination you can be sure to speed up the bodies recovery by immediate rehydration. People are often better at hydrating in a plane then neglecting it in the few hours that follow.

Smoothies are a great way to get essential antioxidants and nutrients in for instant recovery post session and to keep away winter bugs. I add a PH sachet into mine, it tastes great and ticks another recovery box. I’m also really into my Acai bowls at the moment but the berry powder can taste a bit sour but adding PH to the mix before blending gives it the tasty twist. Anyone wanting a recipe send us an instagram DM @teamdilloncoaching OR @em_pallant.

Post training recovery
The three essentials to fast effective post training recovery is a smart cool down, sleep and nutrition. Many people are great with remembering to eat but forget to drink enough so a good general rule for me is to have a cup of water pre food and a cup of PH post food.

Happy Training and hydration to everyone!