Zoe Morrisett

Mish has changed my life! She has gently coaxed me from thinking that, one day, I might possibly finish a triathlon to realising that I was quite mistaken about where my limits are! I’m now looking at achieving a decent time for my first tri next month, and as for London: bring it on! I’ve gone from timid to reckless, from not totally unfit to, in some places, rock hard, from motivated to obsessively competitive: I’ve caught myself trying to outrun a bike, over-swim someone with fins and paddles and desperately hankering after a speeding fine on my bike!!  Mummies from school have taken to come and watch me swim in disbelief, I have turned up to restaurants in my cycling gear, instead of the usual heels’n WAG bag and my house has indeed been taken over by fluorescent stuff. In short, a new Zoe has been born: She’s bad, man!

I blame it on the Dillon effect: to be trained by Mish makes you think nothing is impossible and actually get there.