Rory Spicer

Rory has been very fortunate to have worked with some of the Worlds Best coaches and triathletes including Olympians.

He grew up in the Middle East from a young age exposing him to the outdoor lifestyle. It wasn’t until his late teens that he got hooked on athletics. Rory’s triathlon and ultra endurance experiences have enabled him to train and race in some of the most spectacular countries around the World.

Rory has vast experience having raced in all distances and terrains from 5k to 100 milers, multi-stage run races, MTB, duathlons and most other disciplines that involve swim, bike and running.

Rory is very passionate about this sport and coaching others to be the best they can be, with his knowledge, motivation and expert advice, he can help you achieve your goals. If you would like to work with Rory contact the Team.


Team Dillon Approved Coach

BTF Coaching in Triathlon Level 1

REPs Level 4 Specialist in Low Back Pain

REPs Level 3 Specialist in Exercise Referral

REPs Level 3 Personal Trainer

REPs Postural Assessment and Corrective Exercise Instructor

REPs Advanced Nutrition for Physical Performance

REPs Strength Training for Fat Loss & Conditioning

REPs Level 2 Gym Instructor

REPS Kettle Bell Instructor

REPs Spin Cycle instructor

Race Results 2015

Richmond Park 10k 1st OA

Thames Trot 50 Mile Ultra 19th OA

Round The Isle Of Wight 70 Mile Ultra 13th OA

Gravel 5 Mile XC 1st OA

Cotswold Way 102 Mile Ultra 7th OA

Green Point Parkrun, South Africa 1st OA

Brecon Beacons 43 Mile Ultra 3rd OA

Dusk To Dawn 50k 1st OA

Ironman 70.3 Norway 5th AG


Brutal 12 Hour XC 1st OA

Muddy Mo 10 Mile XC 1st OA

Dubai International Half Ironman 1st AG 16th OA

Challenge Bahrain Half Iron Distance 5th AG

Dawn To Dusk 50k Ultra 1st OA


Marlow Half Iron Distance 3rd AG 9th OA

Midnight Man Half Iron Distance 4th OA

London To Brighton Ultra 7th OA

Muddy Mo 10 Mile XC 1st OA

Personal Best Times

5k – 17:01

10k – 35:16

Half Marathon 1hr 17mins

Trail Marathon 3hr 10 mins

Half Ironman 4hr 16mins

Ironman 10hr 37mins

50k 4hr 16mins

50 Mile 7hr 34mins

102 MIle 23hr 17mins